VARCS Programs

Mobile X Needle Exchange

Monday-Friday: 9am to 2:45pm

VARCS staff operates from a cell phone, responding to clients when they need our service. This flexibility allows us to spend more time interacting with clients and the ability to provide additional levels of support.

Our Mobile X Needle Exchange provides safer drug use supplies, which can include clean needles, wipes, sterile water, ties, cookers, filters, condoms and lubrication. We also provide safer crack smoking kits which include pipes and screens, push sticks and tubing.

The van we use is unmarked and very discreet and we will meet clients wherever they feel most comfortable. At times VARCS staff are able to transport clients to medical and other appointments.

Positively Connected

Positively Connected on Facebook 

Positively Connected is a social/support group for gay/bi men living with HIV and their loved ones. We offer different activities and events weekly and monthly. Some are closed to poz men only, and others are open to partners/close friends. The facilitator is a gay man living with HIV with experience in HIV resources and education. Positively Connected is NOT a counselling or crisis service. If you are in need of counselling, please consult with local service providers to explore your options.

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VARCS Services

Referrals & Advocacy

VARCS staff will provide referrals to community programs and services and will seek out information for people who request it. If we don't do it we'll find out who does! VARCS staff will provide advocacy to ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS are able to access the services and programs that meet their needs. Once in contact with an individual we will do needs assessment right on the spot and will make the necessary phones calls right then and there.

If needed we will attend the first meeting with the individual so they are comfortable and make an easy transition to start building a rapport with the new community worker. We are non judgmental and treat each person with dignity, compassion and respect.


VARCS staff provide education within the community to promote safer substance use, proper disposal of used supplies and safe sex. We provide information to people living with HIV/AIDS and other blood borne illnesses on how to maintain good health and nutrition. We support clients in accessing a variety of community services.

VARCS accepts students from University and College to do their practicum placements within our agency.

We attend many training session so we can provide the most up to date information to our clients. As well we attend many community events and gathering and strive to be apart of the community.